Ever wondered what to gift your loved ones? Surprising your dear ones with a little gift is always adorable. It is the best way to express your innermost love for them, putting a smile on their face. After all, isn't that what gifts are?
Your effort to find that unique present will be highly appreciated and makes them feel special. But it can be challenging when you have to choose the perfect gift that matches your budget without compromising the quality and durability of the product.

If you are confused about what to buy as a souvenir for your next trip, you can take a cue from the compulsive list of items from Cool Britannia. We know you will go through all the struggles to see your dear one's happy face. Here are some ideas to make your gift hunt task a little easier and help you choose souvenirs and the best gift shops in London.

The first step in getting a gift is considering their likes and dislikes. Like, What do they cherish? What do they want? Is there any special memory for you both? Etc.

Make sure to list them without tearing your pocket. Next, you have to consider the occasion. A Valentine's day gift won't suit a graduation day. For exampe, if you are planning to propose your partner, choosing a gift that reminds of the great places to propose in London would be a good idea. Considering the event will narrow down the options and eliminate any confusion. Let us show you how to buy a gift of sentimental value without breaking your bank with today's blog.


Key Rings

Key Rings can be a good present for your loved ones back home, as they will remind them of all the beautiful moments you have spent together in the magnificent city of London every time they use them. Also, it's a no-nonsense gift since it helps keep all your keys and things together without losing them. You can also add personalised messages on those. Keychains are the best accessories to add to your bag, luggage, pockets etc., which make them more appealing. Add a little bit of Britishness with theBig Benkeychain from London.


Wallets And Bags

For your fashion-obsessed friend, you can never go wrong with a wallet or bag as a gift item. Most people tend to get too comfortable with their wallets and purses, especially the old ones. But by getting them a new stylish one that reminds them of you and your lovely trips and course, their favourite place- London, You'll be giving them a timeless gift. Wallets are a good organiser to store your money, bills, or even a photograph of you both sharing a special moment. And bags can be beneficial when travelling to carry all your essential needs in one place. Make sure to buy a wallet or purse that is both stylish and functional at the same time and matches their style preference.


Double Decker Bus In London

London's red route master bus is the most iconic feature and the beloved symbol of the Britishers. It's one of the faster and more efficient ways of travelling in the hustle and bustle of London. It's no surprise that the double-decker bus replicas are high in demand as British souvenirs and collectors goods. Did you know that London buses are red because the General Omnibus Company wanted to stand out from the other independent companies? A bright red replica of a London double-decker bus can be an excellent addition to any model collection. It can be the perfect gift to any traveller, which gives them a moment to relive those memories.


Big Ben

Wouldn't it be nice to have a gorgeous replica of the world's most famous clock in your dear one's home? Bonus point if it has a working clock too. A trip to London is uncompleted without visiting London's iconic Big Ben clock tower. This historic clock tower can recreate a London theme in your home. Gifting them to your loved ones will make them feel special and remind them of the beautiful moments you spent together. Get it from the best gift shops in London. A Big Ben-themed clock can elevate the look of your living room or keep it on your study table as a timepiece.


The Union Jack

Being the national flag of the United Kingdom, The Union Jack can be a lovely souvenir to commemorate a special event and promotion. The brilliant red, white and blue pattern is famous

worldwide. Anyone who loves London will be impressed by this patriotic gift. Union Jack-themed sweatshirts, Caps, Pens, Mugs and souvenirs etc., are an ideal gift for your near and dear ones from your trip back from London. Also, the Union Jack-themed clothing shows support during British-themed events or even as a fashion statement. The thought and effort you put into buying this gift will make it the best gift they can receive.

Finding the best gift for your loved ones can be tricky and time-consuming, especially when you are on a tight budget and exploring your trip. Hence we have compiled a list of the best gift ideas your beloved would love. When in doubt, you can always visit the Cool Britannia online or offline stores and get the gift of your dreams. Many popular gift options are available across all our stores, matching your style, preference and budget.