The Best Souvenirs to buy in London

The Best Souvenirs to buy in London

Any travel enthusiast would have at least once dreamt of travelling to London. London, the capital of history, fashion and culture, with its rich collection of vintage architecture, double-decker buses and red phone booths, is a must-visit place on every tourist's bucket list.


If you are planning such a trip, then you need something to remember this iconic city for the rest of your life. And truth be told, A trip to London wouldn't be complete without a souvenir shopping experience. Finding the perfect souvenir in London can be overwhelming. You may be confused about which one to buy, from expensive rates to cheap quality. When thinking of souvenirs, most people think of tea packets, wallets or coasters, but we suggest you take home a taste of the city, be it small or big, something that can only be bought in London.


 So, to help you through the hassle and trouble, we have prepared a guide on the best London souvenirs and where to find them. Could you continue reading to know our best picks?




 Your search for the perfectly unique London souvenir is finally over! Well known for their magnificence, London's double-decker buses scream London like no other. Perfect as a gift for your loved ones, they will forever remind you about the fantastic city tour you had.

Double-decker buses tell the story of one of Britain's best-loved symbols. They have been an iconic feature of London's transport landscape for over a century, operating in Greater London since 1829. The fabulous red bus novelty is perfect for anyone who loves everything British.

Available in various sizes and shapes, we suggest you choose your pick from the shelves of Cool Britannia, a souvenir store opposite Buckingham Palace. They have the best quality souvenirs in all of London. And worry not if you cannot make it; they also provide online shopping.




Are you looking for a gift for someone interested in architecture and history? Look no further! Get the Big Ben souvenir from Cool Britannia for them. Big Ben is a large clock tower located in Westminster, London. The building was completed in 1859 and is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. An iconic image of London, the clock tower souvenir imparts the monument's grandeur in all its glory.

 This lovely keepsake will always remind you of your time in London, an ideal piece of décor to elevate your interiors or use as a stylish paperweight or fashionable desktop accessory.




If you are someone obsessed with the royals and the palace, then we have just the correct item for you. Anyone who visited Buckingham Palace or even browsed it on google would know the Royal Guard at a glance. With their great uniform, distinguished by its colour, and the tall black hat, a royal guard souvenir is all you need to remember your time at the historic place. London's Royal Guard is an iconic symbol of British pageantry and tradition and the ceremonial bodyguards of the British Monarch. They are responsible for guarding Buckingham Palace and St James's Palace, as well as other royal palaces and residences. They are also responsible for providing security at public events such as royal visits and the State Opening of Parliament and have a role in protecting visiting dignitaries and members of foreign royalty.

A symbol of regal glamour, we don't think there's a better gift for someone obsessed with the monarchy. You can now have your soldier to keep you safe at all times, dreamy right? Get your own Royal Guard souvenir from Cool Britannia.




Is it even a London souvenir if it doesn't have red? Speaking of red, a red post box souvenir is another option you can go for as a souvenir for yourself. A stunning piece of art, the red post box is one of the most iconic symbols of London and still evokes emotions from anyone whose been to London. Initially introduced in 1857, the packs are still a vital part of London life, providing a quick and easy way to send letters and parcels around the capital. The unmistakable bright red makes them impossible to miss, and they can be found on almost every street corner.

This red post box is a great souvenir for anyone who has visited London. It is super cute and would look great on any desk or shelf.



An ideal gift for your best friend who's always on the phone, the red phone booth is just the perfect souvenir one can buy from London. Another iconic keepsake, the red phone booth, has been a symbol of British culture for centuries. Built in its classic design made of metal with a glass door and featuring a traditional coin slot, these booths were once common in England but are now quite rare.

Widely recognized worldwide, only a handful of red phone booths are left in London, and they all have become historical landmarks and popular tourist attractions. The phone booth right outside Buckingham Palace offers visitors the opportunity to make a call from within its traditional British design. Call your loved one and get them a stunning replica From Cool Britannia to remind you of your time in London.

Cool Britannia offers every tourist visiting London an amazing opportunity to get their hands on unique and outstanding keepsakes to carry back home. Check them out here!