If you are someone who likes to travel every now and then, you will know that London is one of the best cities in all of Europe. An amazing city with some of the best neighbourhoods in the area, anyone who has the chance to visit London will be instantly captivated by its charm and beauty.

Diversity, culture, and history are some of the reasons why London is considered to be a must-experience destination. However, only very few people outside of London know how big the city truly is. Therefore, when you visit London, you are visiting not only the city but also a number of its surrounding regions and boroughs. 

We are here to make sure you enjoy London to the fullest since London is such a massive city that it is easy to get lost in. Whether you are visiting the city for the first time, just moved in, or you’re a Londoner yourself, we’d love to explore the city together. Get packing and join us!


Our first destination on our list is the South Bank, one of the best areas in London for an evening stroll. 

A stroll along the Thames promenade from the London Eye could also include a stop at historical Clink Street to explore London in depth. You may also visit Winchester Palace, which is a ruined palace. If you would like to try local cuisine, we suggest you visit the market stalls and the food stalls on weekends when it is most active, especially around the National Theatre. 

Another fun way to explore London is to take a river cruise down the Thames.


2.Notting Hill

One of the best places to visit in west London, Notting Hill is well known for its colourful streets and tasty cafes. Home to one of London’s best street markets, fascinating architecture and cultural history, it is just the perfect place to spend your weekend.

And trust us when we say you will be spoilt with choice when it comes to shopping, cinema or even people watching!


3.Kings Cross

A place any ‘Potterhead’ would definitely want to visit, Kings Cross has been on everyone’s bucket list since the day Harry Potter was released. A place that has undergone tremendous change over the last decade, your London exploration isn’t possibly complete without seeing Platform 9 3/4.

 There’s more. It’s in here, the staircase where Spice Girls shot their music video Wannabe. If you are a fan of the band, then this is a must-visit in your itinerary.


4.City of London

All those picturesque sceneries you have seen on the internet, that’s the City of London. And is it even a London trip if you don’t visit Tower Bridge?

The city’s beautiful architecture and historical ambience, lined with iron dragon statues, is an iconic place for a London explorer.  

Also, we would suggest taking a stroll through Sky Garden, on top of the Walkie-Talkie building. It’s free, and trust us; it wouldn’t be a waste of time because the mesmerising view is something you can’t miss out on!


5.Richmond Upon Thames

Although a little west of Central London, this is another amazing place in London we suggest you visit, especially if you want to enjoy a serene day out.

Known famously as Richmond, it is West London’s most attractive borough and hence famous among visitors. So if you are into people watching, this would be an ideal choice for you.

And if you haven’t already noticed, the place is, just as the name suggests, Richmond ‘Upon Thames’. Yes! The river Thames runs through the borough, making it even more beautiful. With Royal Parks, stunning river view fronts, history, architecture, galleries and town centres, you wouldn’t know the time passing by.

Filled with cafes and local shops, it’s a quiet area compared to the hustle and bustle of Central London, and you can taste all the regional cuisines and spend time shopping to your heart’s fill!



Located on the southeast side, Greenwich is a perfect getaway into the history of London. This city is another must-visit place for an explorer.

Well known for the Greenwich Mean Time laser that shines across the river, you could also take a stroll down to the Greenwich Market if you are in search of the tastiest local cuisines.

Another iconic part of the neighbourhood that one can’t miss is the Old Royal Naval College.



If you are someone who is into political history, then Westminster is your place. Technically known as the City of Westminster, it is located in the heart of central London and houses the majority of government institutions.

The Houses of Parliament, Downing Street – where the Prime Minister resides, The Westminster Abbey, the list goes on. If you are a resident in the Uk, you could also organise a free tour with your MP. And when it comes to Westminster Abbey, the history the place holds will be enough to make you swoon!

An ideal place to explore history, the city of Westminister, is definitely a must-visit location for everyone.

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